Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dental care that provides services to children from infancy to their teenage years. Early dental care affects dental health in adulthood greatly. The team at Simple Dental strive to create a relaxing and positive environment to successfully establish a dental home for the whole family.  


What Treatments Does Pediatric Dentistry Include?


Pediatric dentistry includes the full range of oral care solutions children require. These include:


  • Dental injury care, such as chipped or broken teeth
  • Preventative oral care, including parent and child education, sealants and fluoride treatments, and nutritional education
  • Infant oral care screenings and exams
  • Caries assessment risks
  • Fillings and extractions
  • Repair of tooth defects
  • Early assessment of bite issues


When Should You Bring A Child To A Dentist?


You can visit a dentist for kids at any age if you have concerns about your child’s oral health. However, most pediatric dental bodies recommend taking a child to the dentist within six months of their first tooth erupting (and by twelve months at the very latest). During your consultation, dentists will provide you with information on how to reduce the impact of finger-sucking and pacifier habits, proper mouth cleaning, and issues such as baby bottle tooth decay. 


What To Expect For A First Visit To A Dentist


Most parents find that life’s easier when they introduce their children to dentists at an early age. The younger they are for their first visit, the more opportunities they have to get used to the experience as they get older. 


At your child’s first visit, the dentist will make them feel comfortable and welcome. During the appointment, they will receive a full mouth exam covering their teeth, gums, bite, jaws, and oral tissues. The dentist may also perform a gentle cleaning to get them used to oral health implements being placed in their mouth. If the dentist discovers any health issues, they will recommend that you make a second appointment for follow-up treatment. 


Do Dentists Use Sedation In Pediatric Dentistry? 


Sedation is a component of pediatric dentistry, just as it is for dentistry for adults. If children appear distressed or unwilling to go through necessary treatment, dentists may recommend nitrous oxide or laughing gas, a safe and mild sedative that helps children relax. Children breathe in the gas via a nose mask which carries both oxygen and the medication. 


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